How do I donate?

If you want to donate an item to Thrift Story, please email us to schedule a pick-up. 

Donations are limited to clothing and small items. All donations must be in good condition. Stories must be hand-written on index cards. 

We ask that all stories be true, as remembered by the storyteller, but encourage all to get creative (for example, you could tell the story from the perspective of the item you're donating)!  We do ask that you don't include your name on the card, but you can include your age and/or your current city.


A donations box is available at partnering venues in the run-up to our events. Stay tuned for information on the next Thrift Story!


Unable to make it to our drop-off sessions? We can come pick up your item! To schedule a pick-up, please email or use the Contact Form on our "Other Questions?" page.