What's Thrift Story?



Have you ever wanted to donate an item to a thrift store but just couldn't let go because of the story behind it (like that camo hat you picked up at that amazing barbecue place in Austin, Texas)? Have you ever picked up an item at a thrift store and wished you knew the story behind it (like that T-shirt that reads "Cats Like To Dance, Too")?

We have.

That's why we started Thrift Story, a community storytelling event. Think of it like a yard-sale, but with a catch: all items come with their backstories attached to them. 

Thrift Story is hosted seasonally, but donations of storied possessions are accepted year-round!



Thrift Story was conceived by Lydia Emmanouilidou. Events are produced by Amulya Shankar, Lydia Emmanouilidou and Tristan Cimini, three public radio producers based in Boston. They love storytelling (and thrifting -- duh!).